Participating Schools

An Instrument For Every Child was launched  in September 2010 as a pilot project at King George Elementary School in Hamilton. The program starts in Grade 1 and continues through Grade 4 and explicitly aims to reach all children.

"We are pleased to be piloting such a wonderful program in Hamilton. The arts are an important component of our commitment to improved literacy, numeracy and student engagement."

- John Malloy, Executive Director, Hamilton Public Board


Comments from grade 1 students in AIFEC program

  • I love the cello because the music was lovely. The cello is brown. It is BIG. – Shannon
  • I liked when I got to play a trumpet because it was fun. -Kend
  • In music when I am in grade 2, I want to play the trombone and it sounds good and it is big and you get to slide the trombone. Kaylynn (Jan. 2011)
  • I like the trombone because it is shiny and bright. The trumpet is fragile and it is loud. – Kendr
  • I like to play a trombone because it is shiny and it slides and it goes horning. – Madison (Jan. 2011)
  • I like to play the piano. It is beautiful. It makes nice music. – Kaylin
  • I like when we played the trumpet because it has buttons. – Abby (Nov. 2010)
  • I picked the violin because it is shiny and has a bow. – Abby – (Jan. 2011)
  • My favourite instrument is a trumpet. You have to blow on it. It is small and I’m really good at trumpets. – Sarah (Jan 2011)
  • I like cello because it makes more noise and it is different than the violin. It is big. Corey (Jan. 2011)
  • My favourite part of music is when we sang “Hello to you”. – Lillian
  • I like to play the cello. They have four strings. - Lillian (Jan. 2011)
  • I would pick the piano. You can use all your fingers and you use your feet for pedals. It played nice. Terrell (Jan. 2011)
  • My favourite part of music is when I got to play the drums. I like playing the rattles too. – Jacob
  • I pick the guitar because it has four strings and they have a chruc – Jacob (Jan. 2011)
  • I liked when I got to play the trombone because it was fun and it was so cool. Kaylynn
    (Nov. 2010)