An Instrument for Every Child in Hamilton...

  • Reaches as many elementary school children in the Hamilton School District as logistically possible.
  • Aims to reach out to parents/teachers of underprivileged children and to implement scholarship programs providing subsidized music lessons.
  • Starts with the first grade and ends with the fourth grade.
  • Prepares children in the first year (grade 1) through collaboration by both elementary school teachers and music instructors.
  • These joint instructions are part of the school’s regular music/or art related classes.
  • Will provide every participant with a free instrument for the amount of three consecutive years.
  • Offers all children the opportunity to choose from one of the following instruments: Violin, cello, acoustic bass, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, flute, recorder, clarinet, guitar, percussion instruments and ‘ethnic instruments’.
  • Facilitates instrument lessons in small groups (max. 6 children per group).
  • Offers students of grade 3 and 4 the opportunity to participate in an ensemble as an integral part of the program.
  • Celebrates with a concert at the end of each school year.
  • Puts a strong emphasis on singing and vocal exercises.
  • Embraces all musical genres and introduces children to a variety of musical styles and instruments.
By 2016 over 1000 inner-city, elementary school children will be provided with the opportunity to learn to play an instrument. Eventually An Instrument For Every Child shall be available to all of Hamilton’s inner-city elementary school children.